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A new Checker Book-for kids-has been published and is available at the following link.
Kids Checker Book

Norman Rockwell's famous checker painting-"Last Move." The painting once adorned the cover of "The Saturday Evening Post" magazine.
Click Here for a larger view.
Visit and play the famed CHINOOK. The Man vs Machine world champion by Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, Univ of Alberta. Click the computer.
Edgar Allan Poe and Benjamin Franklin on Checkers and Draughts. A great and elegant game. Go Here

DR. MARION F. TINSLEY Read about the greatest player of all time. Go Here

A Recent issue of "Rainbow Trout Fishing Guides In Alaska", has an excellent article on CHECKERS. Don't miss it

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OHIO STATE TOURNAMENT. Alex Moiseyev won the recent Ohio State Ty.
VIRGINIA STATE TY. Les Balderson won the recent VA. State Ty.

An interview with Mr. Checkers-R.L. (Dick) Fortman. Good when it was first posted. Good today. Good for all times. Don't miss it.
"A very nice Interview"-Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer.
(Programmer of "Chinook", the world's most powerful computer that plays Checkers)
The Chinook Page. Go Here
Play the famed computer! This is an Intermediate version, not the grandmaster version, but still plenty tough! Absorbing information at this site. Just click the computer!

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Positions that constantly arise in play. 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th position, 5th position etc.

Hans L'Hoest has a new Checker page. This dedicated player/writer just got started with his page, but already it is one of my favorites. Well done Hans!
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What is harder-Chess or Checkers. Go Here
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Straight Checkers/Draughts Online Magazine! Monthly articles.
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Straight Checkers Gold and the NEW Mini Series. Unique Teaching
SC Gold delivers what it promises. See comments below.
Mini Vol-2 is now ready. Purchase Gold and both Mini's.
A lifetime of
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Our Straight Checkers Programs does what it promises. It teaches.
Straight Checkers does NOT play checkers. It is pre-made games/problems, positions, that you navigate 1 move at a time and read the expert annotations and comments. "Why the move is given-is explained. Many times, the "key" pieces in the formation are highlighted, so as to explain the attack/defense. Once seen, the explanations help one to realize why the moves given are correct. The original Gold Version and the 2 Mini add-ons is 3 separate-stand alone-programs. All 3 programs are $59.

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Moiseyev defeats Lowder for World Title

NOTE: There is talk of a World title Match between Alex Moiseyev, champion, and
Ron King. Any such match would be early in 2003, perhaps by the end of March.
There are donations for this match, but no final word or contract.

Alex Moiseyev soundly defeated Elbert Lowder 12-0-17 draws to become the
new ACF 3-Move World Champion. The match was slated for 40 games, but with
a 12 game lead and only 11 to go, the match was ended.
The pair played for the vacant 3-move world title, when the ACF relieved Ron King
of the title for failing to sign a bonafide contract to defend it.
They played the match at the International Checker Hall Of Fame, in Petal, Ms,
commencing on March 11th.
Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev! Elbert Lowder has had such a brilliant career, he
deserves our praise also. Thanks Elbert.

Straight Checkers Gold and the New Mini Series

Straight Checkers Gold and Mini series is a teaching program. The only
one on this planet. Hall of fame games/problems with explanations
of why you move where you do. Have a young student of the game in
your family? SC is for you. For experts and masters too! The 1st 20
moves of ALL openings. Expertly annotated. Sample games and
screenshots. Purchase/Evaluate. Go here. SC Gold and Mini

Here is an evaluation of the program from World Mail Play Champion
George Miller
I have downloaded the demo of Straight Checkers and can wholeheartedly say that it is
an important contribution to the literature of the game. The material is easily followed and as a learning tool it is VERY, VERY good. Had I had this at my disposal when coaching the Youth players in the early 1990's it would have made my job a lot easier and would certainly enabled many more fine young players to take their first step on the road to checker mastery. This format for the presentation and understanding of checkers is an important first step, a tutorial, to be used in conjunction with detailed book study and constantly testing yourself in crossboard play.
Well done Al!........


Checker Opening's have names. Chess has "The King's Indian" and many others. Checkers has "The Double Cross", "The Skullcracker", "The Old 14th" and many others. See them. Go Here