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*Famous Positions
*Advanced Problems
*174 3-Move deck
*Origin Of Checkers
*Oldtime Players
*Play on 11-16 23-19-A Barred Opening
*The Cross and Old 14th
*About Willie Ryan
* The 1st 20 Moves of GAYP Openings-with automated Checker Tutor
*Play on the Barred Openings

Norman Rockwell's famous checker painting-"Last Move." The painting once adorned the cover of "The Saturday Evening Post" magazine.
Click Here for a larger view.
Visit and play the famed CHINOOK. The Man vs Machine world champion by Dr. Jonathan Schaeffer, Univ of Alberta. Click the computer.
Edgar Allan Poe and Benjamin Franklin on Checkers and Draughts. A great and elegant game. Go Here
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The Rules

This site is dedicated to the English/American 8x8 style of Checkers and Draughts. To see the Rules click The Rules above. For other versions, use search engines. Some Int'l sites will be in our links section.

Games Database

Click through Games, with our automated Flash Tutor. Watch the action unfold.

Problem Database

Great problems. See the solutions with the Flash Tutor. The "secret" to playing problem study.

Standard Positions

Positions that constantly arise in play. 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th position, 5th position etc.

Hans L'Hoest has a new Checker page. This dedicated player/writer just got started with his page, but already it is one of my favorites. He has Checker animations, with games and problems, that move the pieces, much like our "Checker Tutor." You will want to bookmark this page. Well done Hans!
Go Here
What is harder-Chess or Checkers. Go Here
Checker Opening's have names. Chess has "The King's Indian" and many others. Checkers has "The Double Cross", "The Skullcracker", "The Old 14th" and many others. See them.
Go Here
Try our "Site Search" at top of page. Want to know about Tom Wiswell? Just enter a keyword=Wiswell. Want to know about "the move"- just enter calculate, or the move. Want to know about Asa Long. Just enter Asa or Long etc. For 1st position enter 1st position or standard positions. Use keywords.
Straight Checkers Gold and the NEW Mini Series. Teaching software. SC
Gold delivers what it promises. See comments below.

LINKS::Checker sites:(At these sites you find more links.)

English Draughts Association (EDA) A site that is growing. Great information. The Official English/British site on Draughts.
Jim Loy's Checker Site. Very popular. For good Reason! Jim's site had many topics, so click the Checkers link.
New site. The Zone Checkers Rooms is hosts ACF tournaments has a problem page etc. Visit this site to learn more on the game. Get to know you fellow players. Support the game. Get involved. Learn. Click above link.
New Miss. State Champion-18 yr old Clayton Nash-has a nice site. Hope you like music!
Oklahoma champ, Victor Habgood has a nice informative site.

Checker Programs. Software that plays the game.

JWyllie Program. Also for Windows.Popular. Go Here
Sage 7000. Also for Windows PC. The most feature packed of all.
Northwest Draughts. Irish Draughts Site. Good!
Glasgow Draughts Site

Checkers Bulletin Board. See the Bulletin Board. Go Here

Sites where you can play online::

*Microsoft's Gamezone. The original site. Very popular.
*Vinco Online Games. The Vog site. Play Russian, Italian, Brazilian, 10x10, Give-Away Checkers.. as well as English. Many other games.
*In some cases, you have to download the game room software. Most are free..some require membership fee.
Pogo. Very good and popular

International sites; 10x10, Spanish Pool, Different Rules etc ::

Jean-Bernard Alemani's site. Covers many variations of Draughts/Checkers.
10x10 Checkers Links:
Digitale Stad
Mike's Draughts page
Draughts with Harry
Harm Jetten
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