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Welcome to ACF CHECKERS...
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© copyright, Alfred E. Lyman Sr, 2002
NOTE:My e-mail address has changed. Contact me at; lymanal@yahoo.com
TECHNICAL INFO: Straight Checkers is a download program only. It's size for the Gold version is 11, 647mb. Browsers may time out before completing the download. This is because the security setting in the browser, is set to high.
We suggest you get SmartDownload, a FREE and fine program from Netscape. SmartDownload takes over and does the downloading, instead of your browser, or Windows. It is a fine program, for those who download. You can get it at the Netscape site, or type Smartdownload in any good search engine-or go here: http://wp.netscape.com/download/smartdownload.html
This program has everything there is to make a master player! So far Im trying to get Chamblee win down. This win is neat and even free version of kingsrow doesn't see its a win the 5-9 move is actually in its book rated -14 slight advantage lol. And I won it(after missing the win lots of times) And I know many people don't know spider web position and Dunne's win/lost. I was shocked knowing i been in dunne's win/lost position or had a person in that position that it was a straight win. I love this program its truly amazing and informative!
David Miller 8/30/02
There is so much in SC Gold, one can become confused. On the SC page (here) is a suggested Syllabus for study, so as to systematically study with the program. Dragging your pieces is important, as you can set up your favorite problems and "drag" your way through the solution, till you understand it and why the moves made have to be made. Then solving others will come more easily. Playing must rhyme, and always have a reason for the move you intend, and how you are going to bring on more pieces so as use them in unison. No player will advance to expert and master without problem study. That is the secret. So use the syllabus, or develop your own, so as to study with purpose.
The Mini's supplement SC Gold. They do not have the standard positions, Themes, Famous position etc vital to learning. But they have fine games and ESPECIALLY problems that are necessary to know.
Do your homework and the expert level is not far away for you. I personally guarantee SC Gold will help anyone advance to the expert level, much faster and much easier than any other teaching medium. SC is the ONLY teaching software on this planet. Get It! Use it! FOR PAID CUSTOMERS. You may have additional copies (perhaps for a friend) of Gold and both Mini's for $25. Email me.
AL Lyman, Author and Webmaster

A DEMO/EVALUATION copy is not necessary. Use the sample games.
Get the Gold version AND both Vol-1&2 of the Mini Series for $59. Save. Reduced from the original $89 price. Pay with PayPal.
$59 Gold and MIni's.
The link at left was broken, but ok now. Use credit cards or send Money Order. (Checks ok, but they must clear. Expect 2 weeks for download information)
Send Money Order to;
AL Lyman
Acf Checkers Webmaster
3328 N. Garfield
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Phone-816-459-7776 (after 3PM and evenings best) With Money Order, you will have the program in 2-3 days. NOTE; WHEN SENDING MONEY ORDERS OR CHECKS YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

The Mini Series-separately
MINI Straight Checkers
is here! Our 1st, in a series, is Mini Volume-1 15/10. 15 great problems and 10 great games. All new and not in the Gold version. All new music and backgrounds. New interface. Just 1.3 MB! This series, coupled with the Gold version will be a virtual "Encyclopedia" of Checkers. These will be issued in volumes. Get Volume-1 now. Just $14.95
Pay with PayPal. $14.95
The 2nd Vol of the Mini series is ready. It features the problems of the legendary, Bert Berry and L.J. Vair, with the Vair material NOT in the Gold version. All new games, on the Switcher (a new defense) The Double Corner Dyke, 10-14, 22-17, 7-10 and more. As usual our lessons are included. $14.95. COMING. A vol with ALL the Bert Berry and L.J. Vair problems ever pub. Also additional one's by Wiswell and Charles. Pay with PayPal. $14.95


See Sample Games....See Sample games
Sample Game 1 Sample Game 2
Get Straight Checkers Gold without MIni's for $49. A lifetime of lessons. Young players, and students to Masters should have Straight Checkers Gold. (NO Mini's included)

$49. Gold Version only. Does not include the Mini series.
THE 1ST 20 MOVES OF ALL approved openings in the 3-move deck! All professionally annotated, with explanations of why the move given is played.

Straight Checkers has 2 interfaces. Click for full screen image.
Click Here

Question: "I've purchased SC Gold and am confused, there is so much material. What is a suggested Syllabus for study."
Answer. Great question. OK:
1. Start with the Lessons.
2. Study the standard positions.
3. Study the "Themes" section.
4. Go over 10 of the Joe Charles problems.
5. Now look at the "Sight solvers."
6. Study the drag your own pieces. These are very easy and very instructional.
7.Study the "clues" section.
8. Study the rest of the problems.
9. Study the "early openings traps."
10. Study the games and 1st 20 moves of all openings.
11. Lastly, go over the majestic King Majority endings..like the magnificent "Lear-Pool" endings and "The Dean's endings." Then tackle "McCulloch's Masterpiece" and "Bowen's Twins." Don't forget the misc menu.
ALL 9-13's, 9-14's, 10-14's, 10-154's, 11-15's, 11-16's and 12-16's !
New interface

TV Interface is carried over

New Games

New Problems

The games most difficult Gems

The games Most Famous Positions

Complete coverage of the Lear-Pool endings.

Complete coverage od the Dean's Position's endings.

A "drag" board and pieces to set up and practice any of the games/problems in the program or any other.

Dangerous Position's-shows where you can't move

All previous games/problems are still included.

The best of scores of Checkers books tht would cost $1,000 is in the Gold Version

The interface includes our new and beautiful interface as well as out popular "TV" games interface-with many games/problems added to the TV interface.

Sound and music are included. Turn it on/off.

All menus are the same screen. Most games/problems load on the main screen interface.

Detailed annotations and explantions of why you move where you do.

Lesson from beginner to Master and everything in-between.

Beautiful Graphics

Once you purchase Straight Checkers Gold, you become a preferred customer and receive free updates and/or reduced prices for newer versions.

Much More

NOTE: There will be a $15 charge for additional copies or replacements. This will require you send an email request for either.

"Had a problem with my e-mail I didn't know about. I have downloaded now. The program is great and I can't wait to have more time with it. I don't know why someone hasn't put this kind of program together before. As much as I enjoy my checker playing programs--I expect this one to help me improve my checkers skills more. Checkers books are hard to find; checkers programs such as SC Gold should be given more attention by programmers in the future. This is a fantastic program--I would recommend it to any serious checker player. Feel free to use my recommendation."
Eddie Moore-Miss.

"Thank you for the advance notice of Straight Checkers Gold. As an owner of the original version, I couldn't wait to place my order. It looks great, runs great, and I am glad I did." B.D., Alabama

"A masterpiece. The 1st 20 moves of all 3-move openings, and the Lear-Pool ending as well as the Dean's endings are superb." R.M.-Cal.

"The advance notice to previous owners is much appreciated. So it this fine program. Don't know what I would do without it." G.S.-Ark.

"SC Gold is just just fabulous." E.M-Miss.

"Straight Checkers Gold, is not only beautifully done, it's meaningful and truly teaches. Well done. Thanks. B.J.-Tenn.

"Anyone is a much better player with SC Gold. The annotations and explanations are incredible." C.J-VA.
Do you own one of the fine programs that play Checkers? They are necessary for analyzing, but teach little-if anything. They just play for you. Straight Checkers Gold teaches.
Nuff said.
Learn the game. Learn to play well. Order now.

This logo is for the NEW GOLD version. (NO Mini's included)
Use the industry standard PayPal. Click above. Make payment-receive download instructions. NOTE:Foreign orders must send Int'l check or Money Order, if not using PayPal. Anyone can have a PayPal account, so sign up.
When payment is received, download information is quickly e-mailed.

YOU CAN STILL purchase the older and Original Straight Checkers and it's Update for $30. Use the Internet standard-PayPal.

Checker lessons last a lifetime. Lines laid down in 1650, are still played today, because you can't deviate from sound play. They will be good 200 years from now also. Learn to play the game correctly.
$89 is a small price for a professional teaching program. Straight Checkers is the only teaching program in the world.
Games: The best of Tinsley, Ryan and Hellman. Problems by Tom Wiswell, Joe Charles, O.L Richmond, Ben Taylor etc .

Information on the "Move", Parameters. Much more. A complete lesson in Video/Movie format.

Straight Checkers Gold is powerful! Installs in Windows 95/98/ ME/2000/NT. No other software needed.

Fine animation's, sounds and backgrounds. Very tasteful. Music, if the user chooses it from the menu. Turn on/off.

Your are about to be a better player!
Screen shots may appear somewhat distorted or elongated, but not in the actual program.

Expert annotations and comments. "The reason" behind the move-explained. Illustrated positions. Illustrated clues to solving problems.

Straight Checkers AND the Update is $30. EMAIL ME.
AL Lyman
ACF Webmaster and Bulletin Editor
3328 N. Garfield
K.C. Mo. 64116
E-Mail. AL Lyman, Acf Editor & Webmaster

Problems by Tom Wiswell
*Jumping To a Conclusion
*The Naked Eye & 15 more.
Problems by Joe Charles
*Sore Elbow
*Clean Sweep
*30 Wins &12 more.
What is a Parameter? A Parameter is a fixed object in any equation. A tree in a back yard is a parameter (fixed object) in the entire equation. (the yard) On the board, 1 piece holding 1 piece is parameter (fixed) in the entire equation. (the board) On the same board two pieces holding 2 pieces is a separate parameter. One free and mobile piece, opposed by one free and mobile piece is still another parameter. We are drawing the threads together-like a military General surveying the battlefield. Once identified, the battle hinges around those parameters. Straight Checkers delves into "Methodology." At last! Straight Checkers goes "straight" to the problem, identifies the parameters, then goes "straight" to the solution-based on the parameters. The reason behind the moves we make. In the end-Success! Because we look at the board with a whole new perspective. With more understanding. Then we move for a reason-not just shove pieces toward king row. Get Straight Checkers Gold. You will glad you did.

:: site updates ::

12/1/2001 - Problem Database
Our Problem Database now the solutions with the error free "Flash Checker Tutor."

12/1/2000 - more new stuff

11/1/2000 - new stuff


How many positions are possible in Checkers?
500, 995, 484, 682, 338, 672, 639.Translated it is:500 quintillion, 995 quadrillion, 484 trillion, 682 billion, 338 million, 672 thousand, 639..... Source-the pages of Ed Trice

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